Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Delicious Monster? In a Library?

It's true, a company called "Delicious Monster,", has developed a very cool, tool. This is a personal library management software application. With the software you can catalog your collection of books, CD's, DVD's, etc., to your heart's content. Been there, done that, right? Not exactly. Everything that I'm aware of for the consumer market requires you to actually catalog your materials. Some may even allow you to search ISBN numbers for information on Amazon, or some other database. Yuk!

The beauty of this product, though, is that you can use your iSight camera to read bar codes! And it works. You simply hold up your CD's or book's barcode in front of the iSight camera and, in about 2 seconds, it's searched Amazon and added the title to your collection - complete with cover art.

You can set up borrowers for your library, search it with Spotlight - you've essentially got a personal library automation tool with a barcode scanner - for $30!

Way cool. Go Monster!